Stop ignoring cilantro!

The Powerful Herb That You Don’t Want to Ignore

Did you know that pretty little garnish on your plate that is often ignored has some amazing detoxifying abilities? That’s right, I’m talking about cilantro!

Cilantro is a powerful cleansing herb that has the ability to bind to heavy metals and then excrete them through the urine. Over time, these heavy metals can build up in your cell walls and replace essential minerals which can effect every organ in your body.

Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to:

• Alzheimer’s
• Autism
• Cardiovascular disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Renal disease
• Chronic fatigue

By removing these heavy metals, your tissues are able to repair themselves and function normally, instead of constantly being in fight-or-flight mode.

Your liver is the largest detoxifying organ in the body, which makes it a top priority. Consuming cilantro on a weekly basis can help aid in the detoxifying process, allowing your liver to function optimally. Try adding cilantro (stems and all) to your green smoothies for an added citrusy flavor!
Happy Cleansing!

~Lindsay Rehker

Owner, Smooth-ease LLC


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