Peanuts vs. Almonds

How often do you use peanut butter, whether it’s for you or for your kids peanut butter sandwiches? It sounds harmless I’m sure. I mean it comes from peanuts which must be good for us, right? Don’t get me wrong I love peanut butter, but after learning all the negative effects from it I put down the jar and found a much healthier option that I believe you should be aware of as well.

Peanut Butter

Peanuts are not actually nuts, they’re legumes. They grow underground instead of on a tree. They have a softer shell than a nut so growing underground where the environment is moist and humid leaves peanuts susceptible to mold. In particular, they are known to produce a mold called Aflatoxin, which has been linked to liver cancer.

Another problem with peanuts is that they are pro-inflammatory due to their high level of omega 6 fatty acids. Most people know that we need omega 3’s for many reasons, including the anti-inflammatory effect they have. We actually need both omega 3 and 6, but the problem is that most American’s get way too much omega 6 in their diet and not enough omega 3. Or, they just consume more omega 3 foods to compensate, instead of reducing the amount of omega 6. In fact, most people get a ratio of 15:1 instead of a more equal balance of 1:1! That’s mindblowing!  Especially since inflammation is your body’s way of telling you there is an infection that it’s trying to fight off.

Modern medicine only focuses on treating the symptoms and not the cause of the issue. Reducing the amount of omega 6 which is found in most processed foods including butter/margarine, baked goods, cereals, vegetable oils, frozen foods etc and increasing foods such as nuts, seeds, or fish can help you to balance between the two.

The Healthier Option-

Almond Butter

Almonds are a good source for omega 3 and are rich in minerals such as niacin, zinc, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. Calcium pairs up with phosphorus to build and maintain strong bones and teeth. The high levels of vitamin E almonds contain help to fight against skin damage, while the magnesium supports the cardiovascular system by increasing circulation, allowing blood and oxygen to travel throughout the body.

Do your body a favor and choose almond butter over peanut butter next time. Besides all the amazing health benefits this nut has to offer, it is less prone to mold and won’t increase your risk of inflammation. Not to mention its delicious! Pair it with a frozen banana in a smoothie or dip some celery sticks in it!

~Lindsay Rehker

Owner, Smooth-ease LLC


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