Eating the SAD way

People often look at food and only see the number of calories and how that food is going to make them fat. It’s time to change the way you look at food. Everything you put into your body is either going to prevent disease or cause disease. The Standard American Diet (SAD for short) is full of processed foods which is the reason for the majority of the diseases people are living with or dying from in America.

You know how we have international aisles at our groceries stores like the “Mexican aisle”, “Asian aisle”, and “Italian aisle”? If you were to go to another country and see the “American aisle” it would be filled with poptarts, mac-n-cheese, candy, chips, pop and every other processed food you can think of. I know because I’ve seen it. Nothing but cheap processed foods. And yet we sit here spending billions of dollars on health care to come up with a cure for all these diseases when its right in front of us!

Buying foods out of a box, getting dinner at a drive-thru window, or eating frozen dinners every night for dinner is leading you down a very sickly path in the future. Saving a couple dollars on these cheap foods now only means you’re going to be spending it on hospital visits and medications in the future. You probably think that will never happen to you but I assure you it will. And you may not be lucky enough to get a warning either. People don’t value their health until it is taken away. Don’t be one of these people. Every time you eat something ask yourself “what is this doing for me?” If there is no nutritional value to it then you should not be eating it. Eat whole foods, have more home cooked meals and stay away from drive thrus. Once you change the way you look at food, managing your weight will become effortless, and your chances of developing a disease in the future greatly diminishes.

~Lindsay Rehker
Owner, Smooth-ease LLC

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