Agave— is it really healthy?

Word got out about high fructose corn syrup being detrimental to our health so now people are staying away from it. The reason for this is because HFCS contains about 55% fructose which is too much on our bodies to break down at once. It goes straight to the liver and gets converted into glucose. Fructose becomes problematic when consumed in such concentrated sources, like syrup or soda. High levels of fructose in the body can lead to significant weight gain, infertility, fatty liver disease, heart disease and insulin resistance.

Somewhere along the lines agave became a healthier alternative because it is a natural sweetener that has a low glycemic index. However, agave is a HIGHLY processed food that has up to 90% fructose! That’s higher than HFCS! It won’t take long till we see the detrimental effects of agave like we did HFCS and then this too will be shunned. This is the problem with these food products, they can claim to be healthy all day until we see negative effects and then we find a healthier alternative to that one until that too has negative effects and so on. The best way to avoid this vicious cycle is to simply eat foods that have not been processed.

Be proactive instead of reactive and avoid this oh so healthy sweetener before it’s too late.

Lindsay Rehker

Owner, Smooth-ease LLC

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